Welcome to Swonderful.Net Conte Online, the first site exclusively dedicated to the Italian musician and composer Paolo Conte. Here below you'll find general information about the site and its aims including credits and acknowledgments and of course the ubiquitous disclaimer.

This site was established for the purpose of commentary and criticism of the works and output of the musician Paolo Conte. A further aim is bringing together and providing general information of use to all followers.

Exclusive articles and reviews will be added periodically but are intended as no more than a starting point and original submissions are encouraged. If you have anything at all to contribute, even just help in translating the site into your own language, don't hesitate to get in touch: contributors@swonderful.net

In order to remain viable and develop as a service to all Conte admirers, the site makes use of a limited amount of advertising and affiliation. These sponsors have been chosen, not just because they are likely to be of use or interest, but more importantly for their reliability and ability to deliver.

In the unlikely event that any should fall short of these expectations, please send an e-mail once to: log@swonderful.net. Although this site cannot be held responsible, the information will be compiled and acted upon to ensure that you can make use of any links from these pages with complete confidence.

The homepage/splashscreen logo is by Piero Tonin. Further examples of this artist's singular talent can be seen at: www.pierotonin.com.

The drawing on the homepage of Conte at the piano is by Milo Manara and is used by kind permission. For the reproduction: Arcana Libri.

1904 Gramophone no. 9 in the Buyer's Guide section, courtesy of Jean Luc Fradet.

Except where specified: articles, reviews, artwork and programming by rebus@swonderful.net.

Technical contributions: Giorgio Sabatini, Giuseppe Tosato.

Some of the articles that appear on this site are updated and re-edited extracts from a long dissertation, for which particular thanks is owed to Rita Allevato of Concerto Srl.

This site is by and for followers of Paolo Conte and none of the opinions expressed are those of the artist, his management or record companies apart from where explicitly specified.

Any images or other materials that are not copyright of the webmaster are either used by permission or with strict adherence to the fair dealing provisions as set out in the Berne convention and similar national laws. Every effort has been made to respect the rights of other copyright holders, the webmaster is open to any suggestions on the matter, particularly for the correction of any inaccuracies.

Sometimes, where original verses have necessarily been quoted for the sake of critical analysis, an English language equivalent has been provided which has no more value than a paraphrase It is not intended as and must not be considered an actual translation of the original verses.

This web site copyright©1992-2001 The Living.Net./rebus@swonderful.net All Rights Reserved.


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