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FAQ and Subscription Agreement

How much does it cost to use the site?

Just $2.95 (US), for an entire year. Where necessary, the amount is automatically converted to your local currency: it is little more than 3 Euros or about 2 UK Pounds, a one-time charge certainly within reach of most users.

On the web everything is free, why are you asking for my subscription?

Over the years we have all become used to surfing the web and accessing a plethora of information and services for free, but as you may well have noticed, this is slowly beginning to change. In particular sites that offer original or quality content are starting to ask for a small subscription fee from their users.
Unfortunately for the large majority of sites any advertising does not usually cover the expenses of developing and providing the service. The old model therefore belongs to the infancy of the Internet and the substance of what is out there will vastly improve in what it has to offer us, if we can get us getting used to recompensing, even in a limited way, the efforts of those who make it all possible.

From the beginning our aim has been to create a site worthy of the subject matter, with quality content, free of excessive advertising, and developed also in English to contribute to the international awareness of the topic. This has required both time and resources; among other things the site is hosted on a server with highly specified connections to the web's infrastructure with all the related expenses. The level of interest and use is certainly an important source of moral sustenance, and confirmation that they're really is a need for just such a project: independent, and therefore critical in approach, and entirely dedicated to the serious comprehension of this great talent. It follows however that a site which takes and represents the follower's, and more serious admirer's, approach must inevitably rely on the support of they themselves. It has been very gratifying to receive all your messages and we're pleased to provide a useful service but the initiative is not sustainable in the long term without a more tangible source of provision.

How does the subscription work?

After you have read and agreed to the principles of this FAQ, just click on the link below to access the form in the secure area. After selecting the correct language, complete the entire form and submit it, your data will not be shared with third parties or used for e-marketing unless you specifically give your consent. You will then be able to choose a Username and Password for immediate access to the site and which you undertake to keep secret to avoid cancellation of the subscription. The form and the secure area are handled by one of the most important and well-established credit-card processing companies on the Internet (see below), this guarantees you complete security and peace of mind and naturally you have all the usual rights in connection with this kind of operation. The only and one time charge of US$2.95, about 3 Euros or 2 UK pounds is valid for an entire year and will appear on your bill automatically converted to your local currency as usual according to your own bank's tariffs. The transaction will occur only once and for no more or less than the correct amount.

Recently a few other sources have appeared on the subject, why should I support this site?

As you might expect we are confident that you will not find exclusive and previously unpublished material of this quality and depth anywhere. Precisely for this reason we encourage you to have a look around the site, read the first articles released and the review made available and decide on the basis of these. You will also notice that the style of the site is what you might call somewhat old school—for example you will never hear the words "fans" or "fan club", certainly not something intended to be construed as any form of elitism, but we do believe that the subject goes well beyond the usual commercialized attitudes. If this approach suits you, you will certainly enjoy all that's on his way and it will be to your benefit to give us your support.

What is my subscription for, more precisely?

After the various deductions (for example about 15 percent goes to the company that handles your credit card—expensive, but well worth the extra security provided) the amount is firstly intended to cover hosting and running expenses with the remaining going toward further development. As for now, of course, your subscription gives you access to eleven more continuing pages of articles and the picture gallery of images intended to illustrate them (only available here and published by kind permission), as well as a discography area enhanced with background details from the biography, and page headers free of advertising, even if it becomes necessary (as looks likely) in the free version. Naturally, the extent of further development depends on levels of participation, but as soon as possible the remaining reviews will be made available, and if the number of subscribers permits it, we will move to a multimedia phase, including a license to publish audio extracts.

I think something's wrong, what now?

The systems in place are among the most secure on the Internet, there is very little that can go wrong and all transactions are immediately traceable. If you have any questions or issues get in touch with us immediately at: members@swondeful.net and we will put things right as soon as possible. You can also obtain our most recent non-virtual contact details by typing "www.swonderful.net" into the "whois" search-box of any registrar.

I don't have the means but I would like to have access to the site anyway, what can I do?

The aims of the site are above all cultural and all contributors will of course be given free access. You can help with translations into your own language, articles, reviews, providing material for the newsletter (such as research, accounts of concerts, useful information etc.)



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