The ever-growing popularity and international recognition of late are an undoubted tribute to the calibre of Paolo Conte’s genius and reassuring confirmation, if ever it were needed, that the cream always rises to the top.
Yet the very nature of this self-styled genre, its resistance to any form of pigeonholing, the fine line it treads between popular and so-called serious music, all insure that, to some extent, his appeal retains a certain level of exclusivity.

A good thing too–you might say–after all who would want him any other way? The downside is that, in contrast with many of his lesser peers, there are relatively few sources of information about the artist. Sometimes even basic concert and record release details fall beyond the remit of all but the more specialised or discerning media.

In matters such as these, but not only, the Newsletter will strive to be of use to all Conte followers. Primarily concerned with keeping people informed, it will also, and perhaps more importantly, be a way of bringing together and giving a voice to all those who share our common interest. To begin with the occasional mailings will be concerned with the most crucial such as tour details and the like, but subscribers will be welcome to contribute with anything they think useful or of interest to their fellow Contephiles so that in time it will evolve to become whatever we wish to make of it.

A small survey has been included which will help give an idea of people’s interests and needs so that the site can be tailored to adequately reflect them. If you really can’t stand surveys then quickly select "don’t know" for each box and proceed to the main form. Otherwise please fill it in as accurately as you can as it will be to your benefit in terms of what these pages provide. We will also do our best to keep you up to date with recent improvements to the site and any opportunities that might appeal to you as a Conte aficionado-and therefore a connoisseur in matters musical. This site will never engage in any form of random or unsolicited mass mailing or any other disreputable practices and subscribers will of course always be allowed to see or amend any information or remove themselves completely.



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