If you have bought anything before over the Internet you'll know by now that it's just about as safe as buying from any other outlet. Online retailers know how important it is that customers can be confident about the electronic environment and are therefore bending over backwards to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Just take the usual precautions you should whenever using a credit card, make sure you know who you're giving your card details to and don't ever give them in response to an e-mail.

In fact the only good reason for not buying music over the Internet is that it's an extremely impersonal affair. So if by chance you're one of those lucky people who happen to live close to a good record store where you can talk to someone knowledgeable about the Paolo Conte back-catalogue and can get hold of the recordings, we recommend you follow that route.

As for most people this is not the case, the internet offers the advantage that you are usually likely to find what you're looking for and it will usually be at an amazingly cheap price.