If you own or see for sale an album that is not contained in the following discography it is most likely to be a compilation album or an international release.

For commercial reasons outside of Italy in lieu of releasing an entire album, a selection of songs would appear taken from a variety of recent works. On other occasions half of the original material would be released, as in the case of the double album Aguaplano where part one became a single album outside of Italy and part two was released in a few countries as Jimmy Ballando.

Not least for the sake of clarity, it makes sense to base any discography on the Italian market and exclude those compilations (even those released in Italy) which are not an artistic statement but a result of record company calculations.

Notable exceptions are The Best Of Paolo Conte(1988), which contains new versions of the repertoire and translations into English, and all those compilations featuring film music, interpretations etc., such as Sant'America or Le chic et le charme which are difficult to find elsewhere.